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Old City Focal Tour

Jerusalem is one of the most powerful places on earth - religiously, culturally and energetically. Come and explore the history spreading back thousands of years and celebrate the diversity of cultures: today and of the past centuries. This city is an icon and together we will learn to decipher it through well-known sites as well as hidden curiosities.
All four Old City quarters: Jewish, Muslim, Christian & Armenian
An overview of everyday life, culture, business and politics
The Western (Wailing) Wall
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
St. Jakob - Ancient Armenian Church
Hidden rooftops walk - 360° overview from the heart of the Old City
Excavations of Ancient Jerusalem
Via Dolorosa
The Old City markets

Starting @ $170

Advanced Jerusalem Tour

Hiding in the center of Jerusalem are secret spots, and the real life interaction between east and west. We will Explore the diverse cultures and ideas who shape and power the city. Let's go into the depths of this multi-dimensional urban universe which is… Jerusalem.
The Shuk - Mahane Yehuda Market
Jaffa Road
The West Jerusalem Downtown
City Hall
Russian Compound
The East Jerusalem City Center
The Garden Tomb
Damascus Gate, Muslim Quarter
Via Dolorosa
The Western Wall
Armenian Quarter, St. James Cathedral
Christian Quarter
Holy Sepulchre Church

Starting @ $240

Heavenly Jerusalem Tour

The Old City is like an exciting maze built over thousands of years. Generations after generations added layer upon layer resulting in a magnificent mixture of time and space from various periods in history, changing realities, and parallel worlds. It has countless alleys, passages, stairs, and levels. Each turn leads to another era, revealing a mosaic of frequently hidden secrets or unexpected experiences.
During the Heavenly Jerusalem Tour we get a chance to see Jerusalem form a different perspective – not only from the street level, but also from above, a bird's eye view from the rooftops of the city. By viewing Jerusalem "from above" the maze becomes even more enchanting and revealing.
During the tour we will visit: The Austrian Hospice, roofs of the Muslim Quarter near the "Little Wailing Wall", Nahalat Yitzhak Synagogue at the Western Wall, a secret passage to more observation points, a rooftop promenade of the Jewish Quarter, Aish HaTorah, and The Tower of David.

Starting @ $170

Culinary Culture Tour of the Mahane Yehuda Market

Mahane Yehuda Market is one of the busiest and most famous markets in the country. It is also one of the oldest markets still going, just recently undergoing a revival, with a rash of newly established restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs alongside traditional stalls selling fruits, vegetables and various food products. The high volume mixture of sellers' and customers' voices, colors, and fragrances that conquer the heart are just the surface under which hide a rich history and heritage.
During the tour we will examine the history and sociology of the market with all its local, daily struggles, and hear anecdotes that make it so colorful and vibrant. Moreover, we will taste the most symbolic Middle Eastern flavors that represent the high quality products and characterize the market more than anything – olives, cheeses, breads and fresh vegetables. We will experience traditional dishes of various origins and taste the mythical dishes that have shaped the history of the market and still do.

Starting @ $170

Graffiti & Street Art Tour

We'll stroll through down-town Jerusalem and identify various graffiti and street art pieces, discover the forms and the language they use. From simple tags to big murals, from political messages to mainstream street art that was actually endorsed by the authorities. We will try to answer the questions posted above, and especially, differentiate between the mythological and modern Jerusalem through what we see on its walls today.

Starting @ $170

A Picture Frozen in Time: Culinary Tour of Mea She'arim

At the entrance of the Mea She'arim neighborhood there is no passport control or a checkpoint of any kind, but it doesn't take long to realize one has entered a very different reality.
Most of the Mea She'arim inhabitants are Orthodox Jews. To an outside observer they all seem very similar to each other and represent a homogeneous community, but contrary to first appearances it is a vibrant and actually, very diverse community.
Common to all these communities and groups is a deep devotion to religion, tradition and a constant effort in keeping the generation old customs and ways of life continuing. It is not surprising at all that the culinary scene in the neighborhood is in tune with the aforementioned customs and traditions.
During the "Picture Frozen in Time" tour we'll get to know more about the history of Mea She'arim and its various communities, groups, and inhabitants in general. We will concentrate on the Eastern-European Jewish cuisine, its variations, and in the process taste the traditional foods in the busy streets and establishments around the neighborhood.

Starting @ $170

Secrets & Legends of the Jerusalem City Center

Jerusalem city Center, the city outside the walls, is as vibrant as ever, growing and developing. On this tour, we will visit the beating heart of western city center and will reveal downtown curiosities that even locals don't know about. We will talk about history, city design, local culture, art, and politics.
Secret archeological site from the time of the crusaders
Jerusalem's first ever urban park
A haunted house by the city hall
Armenian monumental ceramics
"Little Moscow"- A 19th century Russian pilgrimage sit
A blast from the past - A 2000 year old pillar guarding the central police station
Ethiopia street - A picturesque microcosmos of the Jerusalem experience: Magnificent Armenian and Arab houses, Ethiopian church and monastery, Russian oligarchs and art students all living side by side
A holly 700 year old grave inside a public playground
Davidka square
Roof top overview from the "Klal" building

Starting @ $170

Jerusalem Between East & West

Jerusalem is a colorful and complex puzzle of religions, cultures, languages ​​and customs. It is also home to two nationalities living in separate communities in different parts of the city.
During this tour we'll get acquainted with modern Jerusalem, the one outside the Old City walls, and the two centers of this city: Eastern and Western. We will visit beautiful and impressive sites and talk about the history, development of the modern city outside the walls, which is essentially a meeting between East and West, between religions and politics, while concentrating on its architectural styles...
Sites in Eastern Jerusalem:
Nablus Road
American Colony
Orient House
St. George's Cathedral and Guesthouse
Armenian ceramics workshop
The Church of St. Stephen, also known by its French name, Saint-Étienne
The Garden of the Tomb
Schmidt School
Damascus Gate
Salahadin Street
The New Gate
Sites in Western Jerusalem:
Jaffa Gate
Mishkenot Sha'ananim - the first Jewish neighborhood outside the Old City walls
Montefiore Flour Mill
King David Hotel
Camp Israel - the second Jewish neighborhood outside the Old City walls
Mamilla Pool
Museum of Tolerance and Nahalat Shiva
Jaffa Street
City Hall Square
Russian Compound
Prophets Street (Ha'Neviim)
Ethiopian Church
Davidka Square

Starting @ $240

Gardens & Luxurious Buildings Tour

Jerusalem is well known for its unique landscape architecture; From luxurious buildings to private and public gardens, and beautiful parks. The architectural history of Jerusalem is both surprising and fascinating. Side by side, real estate jewels from different periods shine through, some of them thousands of years old, some hundreds, next to modern architecture from the recent decades, and in between buildings under construction right now...
Exclusive buildings and gardens always go hand in hand: in the past nobles and aristocrats used to enrich their living space with landscaped private gardens. Parks, however, are a modern idea. These pieces of well landscaped nature in an urban setting provide Jerusalemites with a piece of nature in an urban setting, a place to enjoy with their pets, while affecting the city ecosystem and its climate.
During the tour we will visit: The first public park in Jerusalem, natural spaces in the urban setting and a community garden. Public gardens are lovely and are supposed to be open to the public – but since they are frequently hidden behind or between luxurious buildings, they can be difficult to discover. Sometimes even locals have no idea these beautiful spaces even exist. We’ll also talk about city planning and urban renewal including various aspects of conservation and modern real-estate development.

Starting @ $170

Custom Tours

If you're visiting Jerusalem with your own group of friends or family, or if you're looking for a more personal experience of the city, try a Private or Custom Tour! With me by your side, you can choose where you want to go and what you want to see, where to stop for lunch and how to move around the city; It's your call!


Yana Milinevsky